We're Mapping our Junk now?

Good job guys!  We've finally done it !

NASA has calculated that we've produced enough trash to actually cause a distraction in space.  What an accomplishment.  

I mean really, "space is a very big place" (ahem . . . understatement of the year!) and it's quite an achievement.  There's so much now, that we have to map it so we don't run into our own junk! 

I realize that space debris is a necessary thing, but since we don't know the consequences of it yet, I can't be one to support dumping our waste into space.

Space dumping is a little ridiculous when you think about it.  Maybe we should think about turning a planet into a colossal landfill.  Oh wait, we already have . . . 


P.S. Sorry about not posting in a while - I've been crazy busy!


  1. OH! THAT would be really interesting. We should use Venus or Mercury as our dump! lol

  2. Yes, that is what I was thinking! Venus, Mercury, Uranus . . . but not Pluto. Everybody's been down on poor Pluto lately.

  3. i always kinda wondered how many satellites were out there and how they made sure they didnt collide and what nots. neato. And nice title, although, it borders on PG-13.