Well that was a great talk...But now for Budget Woes!

Sorry We've been off the radar for a little while - busy week.

Dr. Holt's talk last week was interesting and entartaining. Best part of all was the little kids asking the questions afterward. We learned a lot about the polar regions of Mars and how Italian radar has been helping us to understand where water is suspected to be in several ice caps and below the surface of Mars.

Martha got stuck with one of the little ones who just wanted to talk about saving Yoshi in some Super Mario game he had. Needless to say, it was humorous.


Now, Sean has brought to our attention a US News & World Report article on how "Budget Woes Could End NASA's Space Exploration Plans".... One of my favorite lines is "Trying to put a thousand pounds of canaries in a 500-pound box is where we are now."

President Obama has decided to review NASA's budget by use of the Review of US Human Space Flight Plans Committee to decide whether or not NASA should get as much money as it's asking for to further it's plans for human space exploration. Such things include a replacement vehicle for the space shuttle and future missions to Mars and the Moon. The Augustine report from that committee is soon to be delivered to congress of its findings on the matter later this month. It seems like it will be a balance between cost and benefit of these missions and which are plain unnecessary to the current administration.

One scary line from
the article was said byJohn Logsdon, a former director of the Space Policy Institute at George Washington University: "The message is pretty ugly. The whole notion we are going back to the moon, given the current budget is a myth"

Hopefully we can still get the Constellation program that will implement the Ares booster rockets to get to Mars! (They'll be usable for the moon too...)


picture of Ares Rocket courtesy of globalsecurity.org/space/systems/images/clv-atk_evolution2.jpg

Click the pic for a NASA video!


  1. While Yoshi is cool . . . I must admit that the possibility of water reservoirs on Mars is a little more exciting than the different ways to save Yoshi.

  2. Agreed. I can't wait to taste that Martian Spring water!