Big Brother Jupiter

I think The Times got it wrong - Jupiter is definitely a brother-type, not a Father figure.

Read this .

You know big brothers.  They're always taking your stuff, eating your food, and perpetually finding any excuse to pick on you at their disposal.

Enter Jupiter - our big brother.

This giant of a planet has been eating our Snickers bars for the past few billion years, but at the same time, Jupiter's wide girth has prevented some major beat-downs directed toward Earth.

For example, just last week, Jupiter got served a black-eye in comet form - Taking one for the team.

I guess sometimes, brothers do serve a purpose.

P.S. this does not pertain at all to my own brother - who is awesome.


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  1. is this all that is on the subject? im trying to do a project for my astronomy class along this lines of the impacts Jupiter has taken for us, but i cant seem to find enough info.