Hot Science - Cool Talks! Oh Ares, how I love the...

Nope, I didn't make up that title...it was already that cheesy! Well okay...maybe part of it...

Next Friday, September 11, our very own Dr. Jack Holt will be giving a cool talk on hot science entitled: "Icy Mysteries of Mars Revealed"!

Now, I can tell you I am definitely going to be there - what better way to get your Mars fix AND take care of getting credit for going to see a seminar/lecture (e.g. honors...) than right here at UT-Austin's Welch building?

Here's an excerpt from UT's OnCampus site on ESI's Hot Science/Cool Talks:

"Join us for an evening of Mars exploration as the Environmental Science Institute presents this talk. Dr. Holt and his scientific colleagues have discovered enormous reserves of frozen water on Mars. Could this water mean life on the red planet? What implications does this discovery hold for future voyages to Mars? Make sure to come early to experience interactive exhibits and activities presented by our partners! K-12 teacher workshop begins at 6 p.m. Free refreshments will be provided. "

Definitely arrive early because I went to a similar talk last year by Don Blankenship and it gets PACKED!

What: Icy Mysteries of Mars Revealed
When: Friday, September 11, 2009
Where: UT Campus, Welch Hall 2.224
Schedule: 5:45-7 - Pre-lecture Fun, 7-8:15 - Lecture
Click here for More info!

So come with the UT Planetary Science group, get free refreshments, and get ready to enjoy what should be a thoroughly entertaining talk on one of our faves!

See ya there!


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