Remaining Fall Semester Schedule

POSSE blog hasn't been updated in a while so I thought I would put up a Fall schedule. I might dedicate a new section of the blog to schedules eventually but for now it'll just be a regular post.

2011 Fall Semester (remaining) Schedule:

October 6th: POSSE Meet & Greet. Come meet POSSE officers and talk about planned field trips, day outings and space! Free food! [JGB 3.120 NOT 3.116]

October 22nd: Professor Emeritus Dr. Yosio Nakamura will be speaking with a talk entitled "A new look at old data". Dr. Nakamura has tons of experience in lunar and planetary seismology and has worked with lunar seismic data since the Apollo missions.

November 3rd: Research Associate at the Bureau of Economic Geology Bruce Cutright will be presenting "Near Earth Asteroids as the First Step on the Way to Mars."

Novermber 17th: Postdoctoral Fellow Dr. Britney Schmidt will be presenting a talk on her recent research using ice penetrating radar to study Jupiter's moon Europa.

December 1st: Assistant Professor in the Astronomy department Dr. Sally Dodson-Robinson (topic TBA).

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