ESI: Hot Science, Cool Talks


If you came to ESIs Hot Science, Cool Talks session tonight you may have passed by the UT POSSE booth. We had a computer set up running "Very Brief Tours of the Known Universe" using three programs to illustrate and illuminate different aspects of space science. Those programs were: Space Engine 0.94, PartiView with a database package called "The Digital Universe" from the Hayden Planetarium, and  Universe Sandbox.

If you were at the booth but weren't able to get a fact sheet I'll provide a link to a file-locker site so that you can download the PDF. The sheet really served as a jumping off point and a compliment to the tour at the booth but if you download Space Engine or another Universe sandbox program you can explore on your own.

Space Engine 0.95 [There are readme files that come with the program; they are helpful.]
The Digital Universe
Universe Sandbox

A Very Brief Tour of the Known Universe [Link to PDF. Read with PDFreaders like Adobe Acrobat or Foxit]

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