Rover Update

Ello ello!  Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!

Recent news on our sturdy little Mars Rover:

The little-rover-that-could may be finally reaching its courageous end...

The signs have been slowly creeping up (see the "Awwww Poor Rover... post on 11.13.2009), but still, the loyal followers, such as myself, kept pushing for the friendly robot to keep chugging along.
The dusty and rough Martian terrain has proven to be just too much to handle as of late, as the rover currently lies stuck in a ditch.  If circumstances don't change, power will run out by May.

Here's a little 2:32 minute video with an article below from National Geographic.  The text is taken word-for-word from the video.

Energizer batteries wouldn't work in this case, I'ma guessin'.


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