Like Liquid Gold, but Better

Nature Physics,
via Discovery News
features a new article which states that Neptune and Uranus may have oceans composed of......LIQUID DIAMONDS.

If De Beers gets a hold of this information, I think the funding for exploration and research may come a bit quicker. Jus sayin.

The article goes on to say that an ocean of diamonds could help explain the off-axis magnetic field of these two planets (Earth's is lined up with the north and south poles).

The article is quite interesting, explaining why little icebergs of diamond can float on a diamond sea, just like water.
Ahhhh... In other words, heaven.

Cheers - Martha


  1. More likely De Beers would try very hard to keep us from getting to the diamonds, since multiplying Earth's diamond supply X a bajillion would bring the value/demand for them down to 0.

    Also, HIYA SIS!

  2. I should clarify....I tend to speak of De Beers like I'M a part of the company. Becos I luv 'em. So we (De Beers + Martha) would gather the diamonds, hoard them, and then sell them at ridiculously inflated prices. MUAHAHAHAHA

    Also, BROTHA get back in The States now!