UT P.O.S.S.E is now fo rizzle

After nearly a semester's worth of hard work, UT P.O.S.S.E is now an official department-sponsored organization!

Now we can really hit the ground running.  We have bi-monthly meetings planned, which will include outside speakers, space-themed movie nights, field trips, and most importantly. . . food.  Yummy, yummy food.

Undergrads and grads in any college across the UT community are welcome to join!  We want to harvest intercollegiate interactions and get everyone and anyone interested involved.

Most immediately, we are looking for ideas on a UT P.O.S.S.E logo.  We would love to consider any ideas you guys have, just send them to utposse@gmail.com.  The logo will be used on flyers, posters, and ahem. . . T-shirts.

We will be having our first meeting on Tuesday, November 24, at 5:30.  Place is TBA.  But I'll let you know as soon as possible!

Hope to see you all soon!


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