I Don't Mean to Sound like a Hippie but . . .

IF and WHEN Martian exploration happens, can we pretty pretty please NOT screw it up with nuclear energy - like fo realz!?!  C'mon guys, let's try learning a little. . .

Check dis out .

Not to sound like your stereotypical Austin hippie with a dictionary full of flower power, but geeze, there has got to be a more efficient and less invasive way to do this.  Understandably, further Martian development is an extremely looooong way down the road, if even a possibility, but nuclear use should not even cross our minds at this point.  I realize that it is the cheapest and most available resource, but in an era of advancement, we should expect something more.

Am I overreacting?

Just something to think about, should we really be expanding our knowledge of the universe in a way that could potentially be harmful to it?


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  1. i think that it can be done pretty safely up there though.