The Big Bubble Theory

The new discovery by the Cassini Mission is too large to wrap my head around.  Larger than the health care budget.  So large in fact, that it includes the entire area our Sun affects, called the heliosphere.  With a few recent images, NASA shot dead the previously believed comet-like motion of the heliosphere.  This new Cassini data has determined that the region the Sun touches motions through the universe with bubble-like characteristics.  

Believe it?  Why not.  Okay, so try to imagine a bubble, within a bubble, within another bubble, all moving through air at a constant speed.  Except there is a very small chance of some random kid coming and bursting your bubble. That is the state of our heliosphere, viewable in this video .

More specific information can be found at this link. 

Ciao - Martha


  1. you must update more. i liked this. made me feel smart. SMRT.

  2. havin' problems with the vidz. maybe its just me.

  3. I know! I'm sorry about not posting lately . . . Physics is taking over my life.