Wata Wata Everywhere!

GEE GOLLY.  We might as well be in a desert, we've been searching for water so much.  

I feel like every new article I read has SOMETHING to do with finding/searching for/analyzing water in liquid/ice/gaseous form in planets/asteroids/moons.  Do you think space scientists and explorers are trying to tell us something?  Are they worried about the amount of water we have left on Earth? 

Hmmmm...no, probably not, but it's one more thing to freak yourself out over.

This article explores the possibility that water exists extra-super-stellarly in an asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars.  In space.  Where it's freakin cold.  So uh...they must be lying to us.  It's the only explanation.

If you don't like that conclusion, you can read the article and make your own.  HOLLER.

P.S. sorry for the loooong pause in article updates.  I believe that I have been consumed by a large university-size whale, have been allowed a moment for breathing through its little spraying hole thingy, and have returned to the belly where SO MANY TERRIBLE THINGS exist.  Things like finals.  

Also, I apologize for not making sense.  The mind is easily lost in the belly of the whale.

Cheers, ciao, LATA.  M.

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